Rose water products – overview

Rose water can be used in many different ways. No wonder, then, that there are also numerous products for the most diverse uses. Depending on the area of application, one particular product is of course more suitable than the other. The following overview shows the different product types with their areas of application as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Organic Rose WaterOrganic Rose Water is excellent for use in baking, cooking and drinking.


  • 100 percent pure
  • Food quality
  • no chemical additives


  • only very short shelf life

Of course, organic rose water is also suitable for the care of skin and hair. However, as there are no preservatives (e.g. alcohol), it can only be stored for a few weeks to months.

Rose water as a medicineThe miracle cure rose water can also score points from a medical point of view.


  • detoxifies the body
  • helps against inflammation
  • helps to relieve headaches


  • short shelf life

Rose water helps the body through both internal and external use. Here, of course, the use of a biological rose water is recommended.

It can soothe eczema, be used for oral hygiene and even help against unpleasant dark circles under the eyes.

Rose water as facial waterRose water, which is absolutely pure, is also suitable as a care product for the face due to its good skin compatibility.


  • mild skin cleansing possible
  • antibacterial features


  • mostly no pure rose water
  • not an optimal replacement for moisturizers

The face tonic with rose water available on the market usually contains additives such as perfume and alcohol. As a result, rose water is no longer 100 percent natural, which carries the risk of drying out the skin.

Rose water as toner


After cleansing the face and before applying the skin care cream, rose water can also be applied as toner.


  • deep pore cleaning
  • clears the face


  • no natural rose water
  • not usable as cream

With a rosewater toner, fine facial skin can be additionally cleaned deep into the pores and thus prepared for the subsequent care.

In terms of consistency, rose water toner is less liquid than facial toner, but can be used just like facial toner. Also a toner is not a substitute for a moisturizer, but only a complementary skin care product.

Moisturizing Cream with Rose Water


Rose water is often used by many cosmetics manufacturers as an additive in moisturizers.


  • moisturizers enriched with rose water offer protection against dehydration
  • additional moisturizing care through the ingredients of rose water


  • Moisturizers do not contain pure rose water
  • not suitable for face cleaning

After cleansing the face and applying a toner, a moisturizing cream with rose water provides the skin with optimal moisture and protects it from drying out.

A cream with rose water has a refreshing effect and is quickly absorbed even into deeper skin layers.